Fake news story that Google Maps replaced Georgia with ‘Sea of racism’ has conservatives angry – indy100

A fake news story from a satirical right-wing website managed to fool conservatives – after reporting the entire state of Georgia would be removed from Google Maps.

Babylon Bee – a kind of right-wing answer to The Onion, but less funny – published a story the state of Georgia would be replaced with a blue body of water labeled “Sea of Racism” on all Google Maps platforms, effective immediately.

“We cannot allow these racist laws to stand,” the site quoted the made-up Google Office of Diversity as saying. “That’s why we must act quickly to get states like Georgia off the map, both literally and figuratively.”

Not understanding the concept of fake news – some conservatives believed the story and got mad on social media, and it was pretty funny.

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“I saw this headline and thought it was real at first, until I realized the source. Fooled me! But, this is totally something that Google would do for a day as a protest. Today’s fiction, tomorrow’s reality?” one user wrote on Facebook.

“A step too short. Google would instead just redefine the US to only include the Blue states and restrict access to social media and the Internet to just those states. That would deliver JUSTICE FOR THE OPPRESSED!! Words are violence you know,” wrote another.

One said: “I think Justice Thomas is right about regulating social media,” while another added: “They are trying to erase Trump, it’s not really that far fetched.”

Another person who missed the joke and