Google My Business Bug Dropping Some Businesses In The Middle Of The US – Search Engine Roundtable

There has been this ongoing bug with Google Maps / Google My Business where for some service area businesses they end up being placed in the middle of the United State of America, in Independence, Kansas. I am not sure why and I don’t fully understand it, it must be one of those mysterious phenomenons.

Jason Brown recently dug into this issue after first bringing it up last September:

Jason explained that this is “impacting Service Area Businesses (SABs)” businesses that do not list their actual address but an area they perform their services in (more on SABs here). Jason said “the problem is Google is nulling the address in the backend. When setting up a SAB, you clear your address in the info tab. The address, while not shown, can be seen by Google.” Jason said Google is aware of the issue but has not yet resolved it yet. He said “since the listing has no address, Google is placing the listing in Independence, Kansas,” the middle of the United States of America.

Here is how you fix it said Jason, “The process to fix this issue is to contact GMB Support for your address to be set in the backend. It appears that not all of GMB support has gotten this memo. I spoke with a business